Vision Journal

Where do you turn for trustworthy information in today’s world of sound bites and sensationalized news? The average person is bombarded by thousands of messages every day from the ever-expanding and fragmented media. Is it possible to make sense of so many conflicting voices?

Vision’s goal is to challenge readers to examine the historical and philosophical origins of today’s issues. Through in-depth examination of current social and moral trends, Vision helps readers find direction and peace of mind in our complex age. But Vision is not primarily a news magazine. Our mission is to help visitors to our website understand why humanity wrestles with certain common problems. We’re dedicated to presenting material in a thorough, objective and balanced way, and are committed to accuracy and honest treatment of the facts.

What makes Vision unique, however, is that it examines topics through the wisdom of an ancient source—the Bible—while avoiding preconceived notions about what that source says. Vision challenges many teachings of traditional Christianity, maintaining that its churches have lost sight of much of Jesus Christ’s belief, practice and teaching. We believe that biblical principles are relevant and can help solve global, national and personal conflicts, but we do not proselytize. Our goal is to reestablish the Bible as a credible voice in the discussion of ideas.