David Hulme: Author Bio

David Hulme is publisher of the quarterly journal Vision: Insights and New Horizons, president of Vision Media Productions, chairman of Vision Foundation International, and president of the Church of God, an International Community (COG IC). He has studied theology, psychology and philosophy, and holds a doctorate in international relations (with emphasis on the Middle East) from the University of Southern California.

Hulme was a producer, writer and on-camera anchor for The World Tomorrow, a weekly 30-minute television program that was syndicated on more than 300 stations worldwide. He is author of Identity, Ideology, and the Future of Jerusalem (Palgrave, 2006), Gospels for the 21st Century (Vision Media Publishing, 2010) and Apostles: First Followers and Their Faith (Vision Media Publishing, 2010), and is a contributor to What Makes Us Human? (Oneworld, 2007) and Access, Not Excess (Smith-Gordon, 2010), both edited by Charles Pasternak.